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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Help With Math

Right now the US is no longer at the top in education. I'm sure that concerns many people, as it should. However, as any child who struggles will likely show you, focusing on the problem will not help. We should be focusing on the solution.

So how can we, as citizens, help our children and our country with education? Expect the best from our children. In the area of math, there are many ways that we can help our children achieve in math. One thing that we can do is to read our children books or articles about math and how it relates to a particular job in society. Let's show our children that math counts outside of the classroom. This will pique their interest in math, and we all know that children participate in what interests them.

To help your child achieve in math, try this out for 4 weeks: Read 2 to 4 books or articles per week to your child math. Choose books or articles that show how people use math in their careers or books or articles about how math can be fun or easy.

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