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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Put Practice Into Play

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The holiday break is upon us, and with it comes finding activities for the kids to do...besides watching TV. Consider setting aside a few minutes during each day for your child to practice basic (or advanced, depending on your child's level) math facts. Have him create a game like Jeopardy and play it against you, friends, and/or siblings. Of course, he probably knows the answers to all the questions since he made the game, but that doesn't make it any less fun!

Also, ask if the other people he'll be playing against wouldn't mind creating a game of their own. This will mean that your child has more practice and more fun.

Have your child write out important facts and time himself against himself. See how fast he can copy the facts the first time and record the information. Then have him do it a second time. Record that information. And so on. He should have a goal that he's working towards: i.e. "I'll copy these 20 facts down in 2 minutes." In this type of game, he competes with himself and it is just as fulfilling reaching your goal as it is winning a game when playing with someone else.

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