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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Need to Help Your Child With Math?

As a former math educator, I know that many parents struggle with ways that they can help their children with math. Some say that they themselves aren't good in math while others are just clueless as to how they can help. However, there are things that you can do to help your child achieve in math, even if you are clueless on the subject.

One of the things that I told my parents over and over again is to NOT say that you aren't good in math therefore your child probably won't be either. This gives your child the impression that their inability to do math well is somehow OK. Although you may not be trying to, you are setting low expectations for your child and children usually live up to (or down to) the expectations set for them. Instead of saying this, even if you perceive it to be true, tell your child that he has a much better grasp on many things than you do (i.e. technology, slang, etc). Then tell him that you had to work so hard to understand math, but he is leaps and bounds ahead of you and that you expect him to do better by applying himself more. Congratulate him on EVERY little thing that he does well with math and repeat. Do this every day and be sincere! After all, sometimes we need others to believe in us before we believe in ourselves. With a tall glass of positive reinforcement and some hard work DAILY, your child will begin to improve in math.

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