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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Set Goals To Achieve Success

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Many people make resolutions for the new year, although its efficacy is questioned. Resolutions can be summed up in another way: goals. If you have studied any successful people, you have found how they relate the importance of goals in their lives. So if it is important for successful people to make and keep resolutions, or goals, then it should be important for your child (and you).

For the sake of performing better in a particular school subject, say math, have your child set 2 goals that she will achieve for the month of January. The goals can be simple or difficult. Make sure that she sets goals short, monthly goals and long term, yearly or semester, goals. However, if she is just starting out, it is easier to set and achieve short term success on the way to the long term success. This is the method that many weight loss programs use. They want people to see results fast so that they stick with the program. And you want your child to see results quickly too, so that she will continue to set goals and achieve success.

As for you, the parent. You should also set 2 goals for the month of January related to how you will help your child succeed. These, like hers, can be small or gargantuan. Just set your goals and work on achieving them.

I recently heard a statistic that captured my attention. If you write down your goals, you are 80% more likely to achieve them than if you just think about them. Wow! Something as simple as writing down a goal can help you fulfil it. So make sure that as you are setting these goals, you are writing them down. It also helps if you can see the goals on a daily basis. So have both you and your child post your monthly goals in a highly visible area like the refrigerator or near a bathroom mirror or door. Read them and be reminded everyday of what you want to achieve. Then do it!

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