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Monday, January 18, 2010

Let Service Be A Part of Progressing

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When we have a goal that we are focused on achieving, like becoming more knowledgeable in math, sometimes we overlook service as a means to accomplish our goals. If we can let service be a part of progressing to the next steps in goal achievement, I am positive that we would reach our goals faster.

How can you serve and learn math? Help someone else to learn what you already know! Even the student who is the most inept in math, still has some skill set in which he is apt. Maybe he is great with geometry, multiplication, or money. Maybe he has a unique way that he learned to count. He can pass his strengths on to the next person by giving them the tips that he has learned to succeed in that skill set with.

Whom do you help? Anyone you can! Maybe a neice or nephew, a neighbor's 3 year old, a sibling, or even a parent. Just look around and take your pick. There are always people in need of help and people who are willing to help you accomplish your goals. I've read that you can accomplish anything if you help enough people to accomplish something. Get out, look around, and offer your help to others. Who knows but that another person in that person's circle of friends will want to help you?

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