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Monday, March 8, 2010

Join the PTA To Get Resources

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Sometimes helping your child is as simple as asking what's available. What better place to get resources than your local school's PTA?

While the PTA is often involved in fundraising efforts, it is also a resource house for parents. The PTA is partially for parents, after all. So if you have a need involving your child and school, it is logical that you go to your PTA for help. It may have resources that you never even thought of to help your child with math, and usually all you have to do is ASK for these resources! Why reinvent the wheel, when some of the legwork has already been done for you? Use what they have, and then if you need more resources, go on from there.

The beauty of working with the PTA as opposed to going it alone is that you are collaborating with a group of people. Some of the people may have gone through the exact same thing that you are and have tried different methods. They can tell you what helped for their students and what didn't, what they liked and what they didn't (although this may be different from you) and why. You want to know why this did or didn't work because the same reason that some person might not like the program may be the exact reason that it would be perfect for your situation. Get into the PTA and network with its members!

What if your local PTA doesn't have any resources to help your child with math? Tell them that you need resources for your child with math, and that you are sure your family isn't the only one struggling with this issue. Then ask if the organziation will hold a meeting or seminar on the issue. Usually they will, and to prepare for this meeting or seminar, the presenters will probably put together a package that the participants can take with them, i.e. resources.

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