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Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Your Children Moving to Improve Skills

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Watching the Winter Olympics was fascinating! The sheer athleticism of the participants was truly breathtaking.

I began thinking about how their athleticism could translate into better performance for our own children, not that they have to be olympic athletes, of course. But we can help our children learn and retain math better through exercise.


I know that when I exercise my mind is sharper and I can focus more clearly on certain tasks. Those types of after effects of vigorous exercise can help our children perform better in and out of the classroom, too. Unfortunately, too few of us, our children included, experience the invigorating effects of working hard through exercise.

So, to help your child tap into the after effects of rigorous exercise, get them moving! Have your child to exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes each day, working to keep the heartrate up for at least 20 minutes. They do not have to overdo it here, but it should be difficult for them to hold a normal conversation during this time. Some activities that will yield this type of result include jumproping, jumping jacks, skating, biking, climbing stairs, aerobics, cheerleading, football, basketball, racing, soccer, even playing on the Wii! Find something that your children enjoy and make sure to incorporate it into their daily schedule either through an organized team or just a set amount of time at home. Get moving!

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