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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Turn off TV to Increase Math Achievement

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Want to increase your child's math achievement? Here's a simple way: Turn OFF the TV or at least limit of reduce your child's television viewing to 1 hour per day.

There have been numerous studies that show that television watching halts the brain's cells in a way that resembles being in a vegetative state. So besides being an obvious time waster, too much televsion viewing also slows down our ability to think and process information correctly. Sure its relaxing, but at what cost? Many of our children today sit and watch endless hours of television and we allow it, perhaps not realizing the damage that we are doing to them.

By limiting their viewing to one hour per day, we can help reduce the brain's inability to comprehend and keep pertinent information. Instead of watching television, we can have our children study a few minutes more, have imaginative play, read, cook, talk to us or their siblings, write a short story, draw or even...EXERCISE! Bottom line is there are more meaningful things for our kids to do than watch television, and unlike television, these things actually stimulate their minds!

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